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What we do

Our staff have acquired extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in executing advisory services in employee benefits, life insurance, banking, health and general insurance, and investments in Africa. We are uniquely placed to provide professional, tailor made and well-thought solutions for our clients.

Our Services

Life Insurance Consulting

Our consultants provide a range of advisory services to the life insurance sector including:

  • Actuarial Valuations of Life Funds
  • Financial Soundness and Embedded Value Calculations
  • Capital and Risk Modeling
  • Product Development
  • Development of Marketing Material
  • Training of Staff on New Product
  • Strategy Consulting
  • IFRS Training

General and Health Care Insurance Consulting

Reserving: Estimating the reserves for the future claims of an insurance company.

Product Pricing:We provide assistance with the rating of major insurance risks including commercial and personal lines such as motor, household, in-hospital benefits for Medical Schemes and Property Catastrophe. Our involvement in personal lines insurance covers:

  • Premium rate reviews
  • Financial budgeting and business planning
  • Portfolio monitoring
  • Analysis of expenses
  • Outstanding claims reviews
  • Analysis of competitive position
  • Analysis of recent sales and customer retention trends
  • Capital management planning

Strategy Consulting: ACTSERV provides strategic advice to senior management and Boards of Medical Insurance Companies on a range of strategic issues.

Rating and Construction of Reinsurance Programs

Cash Flow analysis

Pension Fund Consulting

ACTSERV has a unique combination of skills, experience, and expertise in executing actuarial consulting projects for Pension Schemes and Provident Funds in diverse countries in Africa. The experience gained includes the following, inter alia:

  • Strategic advice on the design, benchmarking and implementation of retirement benefit schemes
  • Actuarial valuation of pension schemes and provident funds to comply with the requirements of the Retirements Benefits Act
  • Advice on scheme conversions
  • Actuarial reviews for defined contribution schemes and advice on interest allocation to members and formulating of reserve and interest allocation policies
  • Advice on optimal Funding and Investment Strategies
  • Advice on the pension aspects of corporate sales or purchases, mergers, and management buy-outs
  • Establishment and advice on industry-wide schemes
  • Individual and executive pension planning
  • Pension cost accounting
  • Advice and practical assistance on winding-up pension schemes
  • Support to in-house administration schemes

Investment Consulting

We provide assistance and guidance to empower Trustees of institutional funds such as retirement funds in the following ways:

  • Development of Investment Policies
  • Guidance on Asset Allocation
  • Advice on scheme conversions
  • Development of Key PerformanceIndicators
  • Independent Asset Consultancy
  • Investment research and analysis

Unitised Administration System

The Administration System is a dynamic software and a fully online web-based system, with an attaching mobile App, Wholly developed by ACTSERV, that allows seamless communication between the managers/ trustees of a pension scheme and its members. Key modules include

  • Membership Module
  • Contributions Module
  • Interest Module
  • Statements Module
  • Settings Module
  • Partners Module – (Agents Module)
  • Interest Module
  • Permissions Module

Post Retirement Medical Consulting

We have gained industry expertise in the provision of consultancy services for the development and implementation of a Post Retirement Health Cover in the following areas:

  • Strategic advice on the design, bench-marking and implementation of post-retirement medical benefit schemes
  • Advisory on the technical and administrative requirements
  • Actuarial valuation of post-retirement medical schemes
  • Advice on optimal Funding and Investment Strategies
  • Review of the legislative framework in Kenya
  • Establishment and advice on industry-wide post-retirement medical schemes.

Management Consulting

  • Review of business models
  • Review of operations of departments
  • Expense analysis
  • Recommendation and Implementation of Efficient Business Processes

IT Services

We have recently played a significant role in the design and deployment of Management Information Systems (“MIS”), especially in the following areas::

  • Development of software systems
  • Data Mining Modules
  • Data Integrity and Forensics Modules
  • Unit-linked Investment Systems
  • Pension Administration System

Enterprise Risk Management

We have recently played a significant role in the design and deployment of Management Information Systems (“MIS”), especially in the following areas:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Modeling
  • Regulatory Compliance (Basel II)
  • Alternative Risk Transfer Consulting
  • Development of Risk Management Frameworks